Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Construction Milestone – The Roxy Theatre Beam Signing

Milestone in Edmonton! In December 2020, we joined the Theatre Network at The Roxy 124 Street in our safety gear and masks to lift and install the final steel beam on their new building.

Theatre Network Board Member, Lewis Cardinal, transcribed beautiful Indigenous words and phrases to commemorate the event:

  • ini’stoto in Blackfoot means, “honour with a gift; treat special; with kindness and respect”
  • Sakihiwewin in Cree means, ‘love for everyone.’
  • Ɂahenetɂı̨ in Dene means, ‘it is beautiful.’
  • inikhaqaqtuq means “there is space; there is room there is a place” in Inuit.
  • sawîminân means, “bless us” in Métis (Michif)
  • gicebamshi means, ‘love one another” in Nakota.
  • kina kēkō kawākasēk pēsikwan means, ‘everything in a circle is one’ in Saulteaux
  • Looking forward to continuing progress at The Roxy and helping them open back up into the community soon.

Courtesy of Chandos Construction