Friday, August 23, 2019

Tips for Successful Recruitment in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is going through challenging times, and safety, improvements to productivity and issues of recruitment and employee retention remain central to the competitiveness of the construction industry. With nearly a quarter of a million of Canada’s construction workforce due to retire within the next decade, the recruitment and retention of staff is an industry priority. The workforce shortages mean that talent must be scouted using a new approach to recruitment. Here are 3 tips to ensure that you get the best people filling the roles.

Profile your roles

Before you start the recruiting process, you need to have identified the roles that you need to be filled. You need to categorize the roles into different disciplines: manual, customer-facing, construction management, and new technologies.

For each role, you need to write accurate job descriptions. A clear job description will help to ensure that you do not deviate from exactly what your company needs during the search and interview stage. Your job description must include:

  • The skills that are required for the role. You will also need to identify the skills that are obligatory, and those that are preferred.
  • Whether the contract is for a fixed-term or permanent.
  • The hours of work per week.
  • The preferred knowledge or level of experience.
  • The requisite qualifications candidates should have (either professional or educational).

The more information that you can provide in the job description will attract candidates who are more likely to be appropriate for the position. If you are seeking a Project Manager and require someone who is qualified with a Masters in Project and Program Management Program, your job description should clearly state so; failing to do so will waste your time assessing applications that are not relevant.

What can you offer candidates?

The next stage of the recruitment process is to think about what incentives you can offer to attract employees to your business. You must be able to offer a package to your new starters that exceeds those that your competitors are providing; it may be a relocation package, training opportunities, medical care benefits, or extra paid holidays. Promote equal opportunities and career paths, and your organization’s on-site benefits. You must raise the benchmark to entice the skilled workers to join you.

Your search

Traditionally newspaper adverts were a great place for construction workers to find employment, but now we live in a digital age, and of course, the internet is where it’s at. Depending on your budget, you can use a recruitment agency that specializes in the construction industry. Alternatively, use classified listings in websites and appropriate social media platforms to target the demographic of the role that you need to be filled.

LinkedIn is an ideal source of candidates for professional roles as you can search for people by their current roles and experience. Do not hesitate to contact people directly if you can see their skills match what you need, it is standard practice in today’s recruitment process.

Recruiting for the construction industry has never been so important. There is a lack of talent that is entering it for a lifelong career. When you have made your selection of staff, you need to prioritize their retention and keep them as loyal employees.



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