Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Leaky connections in new water main pipes delay construction project in Fredericton

Leaky connections in a new water main on Fredericton’s northside will cause further delays in construction and more traffic headaches for residents.

Construction on the Greenwood Drive water main replacement is now three weeks behind schedule, according to Greg McCann, a project manager with the city.

“It pushes our completion date to about the end of October, early November,” he said.

Any further delays could put that in jeopardy though. “You can’t pave a road when it’s really cold,” said McCann. “The paving plants won’t stay open much past mid-November.”

McCann said the extent of the damage isn’t known yet and wouldn’t rule out the city having to rip everything up.

“Today and tomorrow will tell the story of which route we’re taking on that,” he said.

McCann wouldn’t comment on what happens if work on the road isn’t completed by mid-November, but said keeping the gravel surface throughout the winter isn’t an option.

The problem was discovered when workers started testing the new system.

“It’s during this pressure testing that the pipe is failing,” said McCann.

“It’s losing water so there’s leaks somewhere in that newly installed water main.”

McCann said an inspector with the company who manufactures the connections has taken one to test it to see where the blame lies for the leak.

“We’re checking that out to see if that’s [an] installation [issue] or manufacturer’s defect,” he said.

McCann said the city won’t be financially responsible for the additional construction costs and whichever party caused the problem will be tasked with paying to fix it.

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