Friday, December 14, 2018

Fab-Form Industries announces three new products for the industry

Fab-Form Industries is pleased to announce the release of three new products for fall 2017:

ZAT Catwalk Bracket: This enables our contractors to quickly install a catwalk and railing. The ZAT bracket is zinc plated steel for long life, folds flat for transport and weights just 7.4 pounds. ZAT is under testing for OSHA compliance.

Fast-Tube CLEAR: Now, a column form where you can see concrete filling the form. Fast-Tube CLEAR is made of clear high density polyethylene with extra tensile strength. Diameters available: 8″ to 20″. All 100′ and 50′ rolls are identified with UPC labels.

ICF Monopour: Fab-Form’s patented monopour system has been improved to enable complete off-site fabrication. Deliver to jobsite, brace in position, pour concrete including Helix. We will be licensing this technology across North America.

Fab-Form’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable concrete foundations. Fab-Form is the only public company focusing on the critical interface between the ground and manufactured components. Click HERE for more information on our shares and our history. If you are interested in participating and investing in our growth, please send an email to